Pekers * Dallas Gay Bars


Pekers is a cozy dive bar in the gayborhood of Oaklawn in Dallas that makes everyone feel at home. Started by two local bartenders, Ron and Frank, it has been a tradition carried on from many loved bars before. They offer karaoke, stiff drinks, friendly bartenders, and an overall chill time.

They have drink specials such as schnapps for $1.50 all day every day, and jello shots for $1.00. Friday they host their happy hour buffet at 5pm. Sunday afternoon they serve $2 well drinks from noon to 8pm. Happy hour is all day and night Monday through Thursdays, and all other days happy hour begins at 8pm. This is a no brainer. Plain and simple. For a good time and without all the drama of the big clubs on the strip go to Pekers.

Address and Phone
2615 Oaklawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 528-3333