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 Best Friends Club

Best Friend's Club is a friendly gay bar in Fort Worth. They are heavy into country and Tejano music, with that said their jukebox is well stocked. There are plenty of friendly patrons and couples a plenty. The lezzies love this bar so boys don't be surprised when there is a top heavy ratio of lezzies to gay boys. The drinks are dirt cheap at the Best Friend's Club. You won't be paying anymore than $3.50 on any given day with all the deals they offer. Happy hour is everyday from 3pm to 9pm. Tuesday through Thursday they have well drinks for $2.50. On the weekends they have the manager's special keeping it fresh and especially easy for their beloved patrons of Fort Worth.

Address and Phone
2620 E. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76103
Phone: (817) 534-2280