Welcome to Gay Bars in Dallas

 Dallas Gay Bars

When you think of gay-friendly cities, you may think of San Francisco, Miami, or even the currently popular Minneapolis -- but Dallas is one of the fastest growing LGBT cities in the country. In particular, the Oak Lawn neighborhood is adorned widely with rainbow flags in business and home windows, and the Dallas neighborhood's gay bars are booming. Dallas' gay bar scene is attractive for its diversity and abundance, and welcoming to gay and straight patrons alike.

For a truly Texan experience, you can hit up the Round-Up Saloon (where you might even round up a cowboy or two). Does leather turn you on? Head on over to Dallas' only leather/levi bar, Dallas Eagle! Whatever tickles your fancy, Dallas has a bar to quench your thirst. While there are a bunch of mirages in this desert, we at Dallas Gay Bars are working to ensure that you only go toward the bars that are full of a real good time.

Whether you're visiting and you have just a few days to experience Dallas' gay bar scene, or you're an experienced native looking for a new place where everyone will know your name, we've got you covered. After years of spending time at each of the gay bars in Dallas and comparing our favorites with our friends, we know the ins and outs of the scene here -- and we're thrilled to share them with you. Think of Dallas Gay Bars as that friend you have with fabulous taste. We know just what you're looking for!